Thematic Session: Nature based and other sustainable WASH solutions to climate change.

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This session presents industry experience and projects that have demonstrated a positive impact in communities on the ground, by providing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices in the climate change context, through the use of the nature-based solutions or other sustainable approaches.

The organisations presenting at the session will provide tangible examples of best practice, and open the space to explore and discuss with the participants key topics such as:

  • The value of local expertise, knowledge and resources to identify, develop, pilot and adopt long lasting development solutions;
  • The value of partnerships across different regions of the world that conjugate state of the art technical expertise with local customs, contexts, resources and desires;
  • The urgency of finding new approaches that can address the critical of local communities in a context where climate change exacerbates the growth of social inequalities and vulnerability.


This will be achieved by:

  • Presenting and analysing selected projects that have adopted a nature-based or other sustainable approaches in different geographical contexts including in South East Asia and the Pacific;
  • Reflecting on outcomes for communities and how they can generate a long-term positive impact in a fast changing world;
  • Discussing how best practices can be shared across the sector and become sector knowledge and practice; and
  • Offering a facilitated panel Q&A session able to reflect on successful partnerships.


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Session PowerPoint Presentation

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