Water and WASH Futures 2022: Achieving SDG 6 in a Changing Climate

February 2022 | Brisbane, Australia

Global development professionals and communities are working hard towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, but climate change is highlighting the critical need for water, sanitation and hygiene and water resource management professionals to work together. Join us to forge integrated approaches to achieving SDG 6 in a changing climate, to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.



Water and WASH Futures builds on the successes of five earlier international WASH conferences that have been held in Australia since 2008.

The main event is the international conference to held in Australia in Feb 2022. The 5 day program will provide a mix of conference seminars and training workshops.

Additional knowledge-sharing and learning events are being considered – stay tuned for news on these.

Key themes

Key themes

Note that these themes are subject to change prior to Call for Abstracts in April 2021. Please ensure that you are subscribed to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with our news and details.

  • Sustainable water management for water, sanitation and hygiene
  • From inclusion to transformation
  • Adapting policy and practice for climate preparedness, disaster response, mitigation and resilience
  • Tackling WASH and WRM in Pacific Small Island Developing States
  • Linking data to decision-making and impact
  • Strengthening governance, collaboration and resourcing to improve sector performance
  • Special theme: improving hygiene practices to mitigate the impact of infectious diseases
Date and location

Date and location

The Water and WASH Futures 2022 conference will take place in February 2022 in Brisbane, Australia. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, located in the heart of Brisbane’s South Bank cultural precinct will host the conference.


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