Thematic Session: Partnerships for scaling up investment in WASH

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This session aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the need for significantly more finance to achieve SDG6 (that is also climate resilient)
  • Demonstrate that partnerships that involve a range of public and private sector actors, through blended finance, can positively contribute to closing financing gap and improve WASH outcomes and scale.
  • Emphasise that blended finance is about risk taking and experimentation, innovation and soft risk tolerance in order to expand efforts to close the market gap.
  • Increase understanding that partnerships work best when developed within a systems perspective, considering the investment and capacity needs, from WASH consumers & service providers, to fund managers, investors, and the enabling environment that influences these actors and services.
  • Raise awareness that technical partners, are critical to the success of partnership, and that organisations that have technical strengths in WASH and know the local context very well, such as local CSOs, are well-placed as potential technical partners.

This will be achieved by:

  • Describing the quantum of financing required to achieve climate-resilient SDG6.1&2 (including touching on the quality aspects of WASH this will require – inclusive services (=diversity), safely managed services, climate resilient etc)
  • Describing what blended finance is, including one version of a ‘blended financing for WASH system’, including the diversity and types of partners required. Refer to IWC case studies as a further resource about specific examples of blended/innovative finance
  • Presenting a deep-dive into one such partnership (Total Impact Capital, El Salvador), describing:
    • Brief intro to TIC
    • the WASH situation being addressed (including local context)
    • the objectives of the partnership
    • the members and roles of the partners
    • how the partnership was initiated and has evolved
    • the strengths and challenges of the partnership,
  • Offering a facilitated panel Q&A session, with panellists from different types of partners, able to reflect on partnerships they’ve been involved with


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